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Athletic Training
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Athletic Training

Our Approach
The Wabash General Sports Medicine Team proudly serves 12 high schools and two junior colleges across the Southeastern Illinois region. These individuals pride themselves on building strong community relationships with area schools and organizations to provide high-quality healthcare to youth. Everyone involved in the care of the athlete including physicians, coaches and parents can feel confident that a professional is caring for the health, wellness and safety of the athlete. All athletic trainers must hold a medical license to practice in the state of Illinois.

WGH Athletic Trainers are highly-skilled healthcare professionals who work under a physician’s direction and collaboration to provide high-quality care to athletes. The Wabash General Hospital Athletic Training Team:
  • is knowledgeable in reducing the risk of injuries.
  • provides care for a sudden, acute injury.
  • guides an athlete and their family through their injury and recovery.
  • manages musculoskeletal and general medical conditions of athletes.
  • is made up of licensed professionals whose education includes specialized training in human anatomy and physiology.
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