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WGH Partners with S.I.R. Investigations & Security

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WGH Partners with S.I.R. Investigations & Security


February 28, 2022 (Mt. Carmel, Illinois) – Wabash General Hospital’s Board of Directors approved a contract with S.I.R. Investigations & Security, co-owned and operated by Lance Hinkle and Jim Hinkle, to provide security services at Wabash General Hospital’s facilities to continue to keep staff, patients, and visitors safe during their time at WGH.

“The safety of our staff, patients, and guests at Wabash General Hospital is top priority. We want to support a positive, supportive, and safe culture that promotes healing and compassion. We believe that taking a proactive approach to enhance the safety and well-being of our staff and customers is the right thing to do. We will continue our positive relationship with the City of Mt. Carmel law enforcement as they have been a huge asset in keeping our campus safe so far. We look forward to maintaining the same positive atmosphere that the community is accustomed to experiencing during their time at WGH,” stated Karissa Turner, President of CEO of Wabash General Hospital.

According to the American Hospital Association, hospitals have had robust protocols in place to detect and deter violence against their team members. Since the onset of the pandemic, however, violence against hospital employees has markedly increased, and there is no sign it is receding. Day after day, the media reports about patients or family members being physically or verbally abusing hospital staff. Data supports these news reports. Recent studies indicate that 44% of nurses reported experiencing physical violence and 68% reported experiencing verbal abuse. Workplace violence has severe consequences for the entire health care system. Not only does violence cause physical and psychological injury for health care workers, workplace violence and intimidation make it more difficult for staff to provide quality patient care.