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Athletic Training

Proudly Serving 13 High Schools & 3 Junior Colleges Across Southeast Illinois

Our hospital is proud to build strong community relationships with area schools and organizations to provide high-quality healthcare to young people. Everyone involved in the care of the athlete, including their physicians, coaches, and even their parents can feel confident our staff is invested in each client’s health, wellness, and safety. All athletic trainers hold medical licenses to practice in the state of Illinois.
Wabash General Hospital’s Athletic Trainers are highly skilled healthcare professionals who work under a physician’s direction and collaboration to provide high-quality care to athletes.

The Wabash General Hospital Athletic Training Team:

  • Is knowledgeable in reducing the risk of injuries
  • Provides care for a sudden, acute injury
  • Guides an athlete and their family through their injury and recovery
  • Manages musculoskeletal and general medical conditions of athletes
  • Is made up of licensed professionals whose education includes specialized training in human anatomy and physiology

Services Offered

Coaches Clinic

The Athletic Training Team hosts an annual educational seminar for area coaches to provide updates on musculoskeletal injuries, preventative care skills and sports performance techniques. The Coaches Clinic is free of charge and hosted at multiple locations for the convenience of the coaches.

Evaluation of Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal and General Medical Conditions

Acute injuries such as strains, sprains, ligament injuries and fractures can result from activities such as: changing direction quickly, collision, or falling during play. Chronic injuries such as tendinitis, patellofemoral pain, stress fractures and medial tibial stress syndrome develop over time from repetitive movements in sports. Our team will evaluate your injury and provide a treatment plan. We conveniently offer on-the-field and off-the field injury evaluations seven days per week.

Home Competition Coverage

As part of Wabash General Hospital's Sports Medicine Mission, we look to be the example of the highest level of service to those in which we provide athletic training services. Each year, our athletic training staff works closely with area athletic directors and coaches to provide home competition coverage for their schools. An on-site healthcare professional will evaluate and treat acute injuries and coordinate care if needed.

Sport Physicals

The Athletic Training Team provides 2 sites for sport physicals annually in the summer months. Sport physicals are required each year per IHSA guidelines. During physicals, if a musculoskeletal issue or movement deficit is detected, the athletic trainers collaborate a plan of care with an on-site Wabash General Hospital provider. Sport physical locations are at Mt. Carmel High School and Edwards County High School. Any athlete in the Southeastern Illinois region is welcome to utilize these events.

Athletic Performance Program

It’s important for athletes to maintain and improve their strength and conditioning during the in-season or off-season of their competitive sport. As part of the expansion of our Athletic Training Program, the Athletic Performance Program focuses on proper movement patterns, core stability, agility/conditioning and overall strength training with proper instruction on weightlifting techniques.

The WGH Sports Medicine Team proudly services Junior Colleges and High Schools in the Southeastern Illinois area. Our Athletic Performance Specialists pride themselves on building a strong foundation in and out of the weight room as well as overall personal wellness of each student-athlete. We aim to increase athletic performance while decreasing the risk of injury and creating strong leaders in each of our communities. The Athletic Performance Specialist provides programming and oversees the training sessions of the athletic teams. WGH Athletic Performance Specialists are highly-skilled professionals who work alongside our WGH Athletic Training and Orthopaedic Providers.

Athletic Performance Specialist:

  • Applies scientific and evidence-based knowledge to provide training to student-athletes with the primary goal of increasing their athletic performance
  • Breaks down specific sport analysis for each student-athlete and coaches based on specific athletic teams
  • Designs, develops and implements safe and effective athletic performance programs
  • Provides guidance regarding nutrition, wellness and injury prevention
  • Provides direct oversight during training sessions

Our program can be tailored to teams or organizations of any age group and physical activity level. If interested, contact Sarah Turner for scheduling and rates.

  • Carmi-White County High School - 800 W. Main St., Carmi, IL 62821
  • Cisne High School - 1456 US- 45, Cisne, IL 62823
  • Clay City High School - 607 Walnut St. SE, Clay City, IL 62824
  • Edwards County High School - 361 W. Main St., Albion, IL 62806
  • Fairfield Community High School - 300 W. King St., Fairfield, IL 62837
  • Flora High School - 600 S Locust St, Flora, IL 62839
  • Frontier Community College - 2 Frontier Dr., Fairfield, IL 62837
  • Grayville High School - 728 W. North St., Grayville, IL 62844
  • Lawrenceville High School - 503 8th St., Lawrenceville, IL 62439
  • Mount Carmel High School - 201 N. Pear St., Mount Carmel, IL 62863
  • North Clay High School - 500 S. US - 45, Louisville, IL 62858
  • Olney Central College - 305 N West St, Olney, IL 62450
  • Red Hill High School - 908 Church St., Bridgeport, IL 62417
  • Richland County High School - 1200 E Laurel St, Olney, IL 62450
  • Wayne City High School - 302 Mill St., Wayne City, IL 62895
  • Wabash Valley College - 2200 College Dr., Mount Carmel, IL 62863