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Services Offered

ApneaLink Home Sleep Screening
A non-invasive, pain-free screening that you do at home, in your own bed. A small medical device is worn during sleep. It records breathing patterns, oxygen levels and heart rate. Our highly-trained staff will show you how to use the device before you take it home, and our doctors will review the information gathered and create a treatment plan.

Wabash General Hospital also provides at-home diagnostic studies for those patients whom qualify. Home sleep screenings are at no cost to the patient. However, these tests are not diagnostic and only suggestive of a possible sleep disorder.

A non-invasive, pain-free procedure that usually requires spending the night in a sleep room/sleep center. During a polysomnogram, a sleep technologist records multiple biological functions during sleep, such as brain wave activity, eye movement, muscle tone, heart rhythm and breathing. These recordings are made via electrodes and monitors placed on the head, chest and legs.
After a full night’s sleep is recorded, the data is analyzed by a technologist and presented to a doctor for interpretation. Depending on the doctor’s orders, you may receive positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP/BPAP) and/or oxygen therapy during the night. Depending on the specific type of sleep study ordered, you may also stay after your overnight sleep study for further testing (MSLT-Multiple Sleep Latency Test).

Contact us to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment. 
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