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Addressing the Gaps in Comprehensive Care Project

Wabash General Hospital has been awarded the Rural Health Network Development Grant to help with the Addressing Gaps in Comprehensive Care (AGCC) Project. The AGCC Project is overseen by the Comprehensive Rural Health Care Network of Southern Illinois (CRHCNSI). CRHCNSI comprises Wabash General Hospital, Wabash General Hospital EMS, Wabash General Hospital Rural Health Clinics, Wabash Community Health Center, Wabash County Health Department, and Comprehensive Dental Care of Mt. Carmel.

The CRHCNSI will address the critical needs through the Addressing Gaps in Comprehensive Care Project, which is a lack of access to comprehensive chronic care management for adults, including oral health care and primary/preventative care. This gap in care currently results in high and costly utilization of the emergency department for nonemergent needs, high hospital readmission rates for chronic conditions, and poor health outcomes for individuals across the lifespan.

WGH’s goal with the AGCC Project is to expand care coordination to service individuals in their homes by establishing a community paramedicine program and helping qualifying individuals with dental, blood work, and immunization needs.

Chronic Care Management

Managing chronic conditions can be a daily challenge. Whether you’re dealing with arthritis, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, or other ongoing health concerns, our goal is to support you in achieving a better quality of life. Our services are designed to connect the dots, providing you with the support and resources needed to navigate the complexities of your health journey.

Dental Needs

Regular dental check-ups are vital in maintaining a healthy smile and preventing potential issues. Here’s why you should prioritize your dental health:

  • Preventative Care: regular check-ups help identify and address oral health issues before they become major problems. Catching concerns early can save you from discomfort and costly treatments.
  • Overall Health Connection: Oral health is connected to your overall well-being. Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for preventing various health conditions, underlining the importance of regular dental care.
  • Early Detection of Issues: Dentists can detect signs of potential issues such as gum disease, cavities, or oral cancers early on, allowing for prompt and effective treatment.

Labs & Immunizations

Taking care of your health is a top priority, and staying on top of your labs and immunizations is crucial for a strong, resilient body. Here’s why routine health measures matter:

  • Lab Checks: Regular lab tests provide insights into your body’s functions, helping to detect and manage conditions such as diabetes and cholesterol levels. They empower you and your healthcare team to take proactive steps towards a healthier you.
  • Immunizations: Vaccinations are a powerful tool in preventing serious illnesses. By staying up to date on immunizations, you protect yourself and contribute to community immunity, safeguarding those who may be more vulnerable.

Paramedicine Services

WGH has paramedics who are certified in community paramedicine. They will go to the patient's home to provide services. These paramedics with advanced skills and capacity will treat patients with chronic diseases. They will provide in-home services, including screening, assessment, vital sign checks, education, medication reconciliation, and coordination of services addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).

Financial Assistance

If you or your family need financial assistance for the above services, please discuss your needs with your primary care provider at Wabash General Hospital. They can assist you in receiving the help you need through the Addressing Gaps in Comprehensive Care Project. Certain criteria must be met to qualify for these services.

Criteria Requirements for Addressing the Gaps in Comprehensive Care Project:

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must have Medicare, Medicaid, or be uninsured
  • Must have a Primary Care Provider at Wabash General Hospital
  • The referral must be placed by the Primary Care Provider’s office
  • Must meet certain financial criteria